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Infinite Blackjack

Since the introduction of online blackjack, Infinite Blackjack stands out as the pioneering innovation in the realm of the game. Evolution Gaming's prowess lies in the development of a concept that effectively tackles numerous shortcomings associated with live dealer blackjack, a format that has long grappled with limited seating, particularly at lower limits.

Introduced in 2018, Infinite Blackjack holds a special allure for novices seeking to learn from the decisions of a multitude of players and rectify their own mistakes. Seasoned players, too, find its appeal in its swiftness, as it is often considered faster than traditional tables where one must wait for the sequential decisions of seven players. In Infinite Blackjack, every participant decides on the same hand simultaneously. The success of the Infinite concept has inspired competitors to introduce similar tables, with notable examples being Pragmatic Play's One Blackjack and Authentic Gaming's Multiplay Blackjack.

Shared characteristics with the other live blackjack tables

Just as in Evolution's traditional blackjack tables, the game is facilitated by a live dealer. The dealer adheres to the fundamental regulations of blackjack, employing 8 decks of 52 cards.

  • The aim is to approach, but not surpass, the 21-point threshold.
  • Numeric cards carry a value equivalent to their face value.
  • Face cards hold a valuation of 10 points.
  • Aces can be valued at either 1 or 11 points.
  • An Infinite table offers 4 alternative side bets.
  • The player return rate aligns with that of other tables: 99.51%.

What Distinguishes Infinite Blackjack from Other Tables ?

Unrestricted Player Capacity : In contrast to all other live dealer blackjack tables, which are limited to 7 players per dealer, Infinite Blackjack can accommodate an infinite number of players.

Revolutionary Advancement : Infinite Blackjack integrates cutting-edge scanning technology, ensuring seamless streaming and immediate visual clarity of the game.

Shared Initial Cards for All Players : Another contrast from traditional blackjack tables is that all players must make decisions based on the same hand. These decisions include standard options such as standing, drawing an additional card, doubling the bet, or splitting the hand when a pair is present.

Benefits of Infinite Blackjack

No Waiting Period : All participants can immediately take a seat.

Wagers starting from €1 : Infinite provides an opportunity to practice with modest bets at a level uncommon in traditional seating.

Error Prevention : The Infinite Blackjack interface broadcasts decisions made by hundreds of players in real time, each with around ten seconds to finalize their moves. An indecisive player can readily follow the consensus, often the safest option indicated as a percentage.

Blackjack Training : by comparing personal decisions with the decisions of the community, one gains insights from mistakes, fostering improvement.