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Funky Time

Players who relish the excitement of observing a wheel of fortune will undoubtedly be delighted by Funky Time, the latest wheel devised by Evolution, the premier live game provider. Launched in May 2023, Funky Time unavoidably evokes thoughts of the renowned game Crazy Time. Similar to the latter, it showcases a multiplier wheel hosted by a charming presenter, adorned in disco attire reminiscent of the styles from 45 years ago. Funky Time also grants entry to four thrilling bonus games, all centered around the enthralling realm of disco. This introduces a nostalgic musical aspect to the gaming adventure, pleasing numerous players.

What sets the Funky Time wheel apart ?

More sections : crafted by Digiwheel, a company acquired by Evolution, the wheel boasts 64 sections. This count distinguishes it from all current wheels like Monopoly Live or Crazy Time, which only comprise 54 segments. This surplus of sections enables Evolution to expand the array of potential bets on Funky Time.

On this vast and vibrant wheel, you'll discover :

  • 28 yellow "1" sections that multiply the bet 
  • 6 sections for the Bonus Bar game
  • 2 Stayin' Alive Bonus sections
  • 3 Disco Bonus sections
  • 1 VIP Disco Bonus section
  • 8 sections for the letters PLAY
  • 8 sections for the letters FUNK
  • 8 sections for the letters TIME

Advantages of wagering on letters: In contrast to other wheels where only the bonus games are appealing for payouts, Funky Time players aiming for substantial wins can also consider betting on alternative segments. As a result, bets on letters provide a foundational payout of 25 times the bet, which can be significantly enhanced (up to x1250) through random multipliers that blanket the wheel at the commencement of the round.

Dynamic ambiance and celebratory surroundings: Evolution excels in crafting immersive settings that astonish players. On Funky Time, each bonus game serves as a time-travel device, transporting us back almost half a century. Landing on a bonus segment is akin to securing a pass to one of the four disco-themed scenarios. We encounter vintage discos, vibrant hues, iconic accessories, and unforgettable disco rhythms. Furthermore, the animations are first-rate, injecting an additional surge of vitality into each bonus game.

What are the four bonus rounds in Funky Time ?

Bar : Six sections of the wheel grant players access to a cocktail bar. An endearing green robot springs to life, initiating the spin of a reel of slot machines while playfully serving three drinks. The player's objective is to predict which glass will be the fullest to obtain a multiplier corresponding to the level of filling in the chosen glass.

Stayin' Alive : set to the tune of "I Will Survive," this bonus game transports players and the presenter to a magnificent disco. The disco balls shimmer, and additional balls spin in a large container containing 90 balls. After selecting one of the three colors, the player receives bet multipliers proportional to the number of balls ejected from the container. The game concludes with the drawing of the fourth black ball.

Disco : when the wheel lands on one of the three "Disco" segments, the bonus game unveils an illuminated dance floor where a skilled dancer moves to entertain and benefit the players. The dancer's movements on the dance floor are controlled by a manual arrow system activated by the presenter. The goal is to prolong the dance for as long as possible, accumulating multipliers positioned on the dance floor. The dance concludes when the dancer falls off, evoking a sigh of disappointment that marks the end of the game.

Disco VIP: this segment is eagerly awaited by everyone. As the name suggests, Disco VIP corresponds to the Dance bonus game but with enhanced features. Firstly, the dancer has more space on the illuminated red dance floor. A larger dance floor generally allows for a lengthier dance duration before reaching the threshold, thus collecting more powerful multipliers. In the VIP game, these multipliers can reach up to x500.