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Lightning Roulette

Have you ever envisioned winning 500 times the wager on a roulette number? This aspiration for victory is embraced by hundreds of thousands of players who test their fortunes on Lightning Roulette each month. Since its debut in 2018, there has been an authentic fervor among players hailing from all five continents for this splendid live roulette experience. The game has garnered numerous accolades, including prestigious international awards. A significant endorsement comes from players who concurrently place their bets on Evolution's multiplier roulette. Consequently, it stands out as the foremost live roulette game in terms of concurrent players. The Lightning Roulette concept has been widely emulated by various rival developers, each crafting their rendition of a roulette game that promises a 500 times the bet payout, offset by a reduction in payouts on straight-up numbers.

The pioneer multiplier roulette

Evolution Gaming swiftly rose to prominence as a frontrunner among live casino providers. Over the last 17 years, this expert in live games has maintained a distinguished status, showcasing its adeptness in developing prosperous ideas in addition to conventional roulette, blackjack, and baccarat tables. Evolution leverages state-of-the-art technologies to capture and broadcast visuals from its diverse European studios.

The "Lightning" concept showcases a nighttime ambiance adorned with captivating elements of gold. Within a sophisticated setting, lightning bolts seem to impact the numbers, consistently accompanied by potent multipliers. The special effects, soundtracks, and visuals intertwine to provide an exceptionally engrossing spectacle. The game is not presided over by a dealer but by a presenter who elevates the overall experience.

The distinctiveness of Lightning Roulette is found in the amalgamation of two distinct forms of draws:

  • The initial draw is executed by a random number generator software, determining the golden numbers that will undergo the electrifying impact of lightning.
  • The subsequent draw is more conventional, involving the mechanical motion of the ball within the roulette wheel.

Enhanced by enthralling audio effects, Lightning Roulette presents a draw every 50 seconds.

In the ensuing years, the concept was expanded to include dice, baccarat, and blackjack. Moreover, a variant of Lightning Roulette XXXtreme was unveiled, garnering substantial acclaim.

What is the payout of Lightning Roulette ?

Following each draw, 2 to 5 numbers are electrified to become Lucky Numbers, illuminated in electrified lamps and also indicated on the betting area. Each of these numbers is associated with one of the following multipliers: x50, x100, x200, x300, x400, or x500.

The reporting rule is straightforward:

  • If the winning number on the roulette wheel corresponds to a Lucky Number, the payout aligns with the multiplier, replacing the conventional 35x the bet.
  • If the winning number is a regular one, the payout is adjusted to 30 times the bet, as opposed to the standard 35x the bet. This variance facilitates the redistribution of winnings from the multipliers. The player's return rate has been set at 97.3%.

It's worth noting that only straight bets are influenced by the multipliers. All other bet types offer winners the conventional European roulette payout, such as 17:1 for Split Bets and 1:1 for Red/Black bets.