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XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

Evolution has developed an expertise in forecasting the inclinations of players, allowing the Live Casino frontrunner to unveil the eagerly awaited game at precisely the opportune moment. When encountering the name XXXtreme Thunder Roulette, enthusiasts of Lightning Roulette will promptly grasp that the upcoming title will be an upgraded edition with multipliers. Evolution has noted that a majority of its players are primarily intrigued by games that present substantial potential for winnings, such as Crazy Time, Thunder Roulette, or Monopoly Live. In April 2022, Evolution pleased its numerous enthusiasts who were eager to elevate their experience with XXXtreme Thunder Roulette. With the incorporation of even more potent multipliers than x500 and an additional electrifying sequence, the opportunities for winnings will be mechanically escalated up to 2000 times the stake on a straight number. The player's payout rate is set at 97.1%.

What are the specifics of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette ?

The ambiance undergoes minimal alterations: enthusiasts of the initial rendition of Lightning Roulette won't feel out of place as they encounter the familiar and magnificent setting. They might simply observe a more vivid hue than the preceding pale yellow.

The essence of the game remains grounded in European Roulette, preserving a singular zero and presenting varied betting alternatives. The recent modification centers around distinct payouts for straight numbers.

The animation stays unaltered: XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is still adeptly hosted by presenters who rotate every 30 minutes.

A second lightning strike is introduced : following the bets, the host activates the machine that produces the customary Lightning Numbers. Up to 5 numbers emerge, accompanied by a multiplier. What distinguishes XXXtreme is that the lightning strike has an increased likelihood of transpiring with even more striking force, as multipliers of x600, x700, x800, or x1000 can now strike and appear in red on the betting area. The profusion of multipliers (up to 10) inevitably leads to numbers being hit by 2 consecutive Lightning Numbers. In this scenario, the two multipliers are amalgamated, potentially reaching the new pinnacle of 2000 times the bet.

Payouts for straight numbers are diminished to 20 times the bet : thanks to the escalation in even more potent multipliers, the prospects of winning are significantly higher compared to Lightning Roulette 1. To compensate the victors of Lightning Numbers, Evolution curtails the standard payout for straight numbers to 20 times the bet, as opposed to 30 times in the Lightning Roulette version and 36 times in the classic European Roulette.

This payout structure entails elevated volatility.

Only bets on straight numbers can attain a multiplier. All other forms of bets yield identical payouts as European Roulette.